DARK GREEN – dedicated bike lane (not shared with cars or pedestrians)

LIGHT GREEN – shared lane marking (signed for bikes, but shared with cars)

YELLOW – bike-friendly street, but not a specific bike route. Lower traffic, but limited stop signs, etc.

THICK PURPLE – off-street path shared with pedestrians

THIN PURPLE – sidewalk that you may need to use for bicycling, where a gap exists

Last updated 7/2019. This map depicts existing bike lanes, trails, and destinations, as well as shoulders that may be suitable for bicycling. For details, click the line or point.

Note that many bike destinations listed may require bicycling off designated bike routes and sharing the road with motorized traffic.

Advice on riding safely

We strongly recommend taking Traffic Skills 101 to familiarize yourself with safe bicycling techniques

For a very quick overview on riding, see this video:

Additional videos are available from the League of American Bicyclists.