This is a general timeline of bike progress in Richfield, not solely accomplishments by the Richfield Bike Advocates.

Events that are determined and scheduled may be included, but are italicized. Last updated September 2016.

Year Accomplishment
2017-18 66th Street to be rebuilt with a continuous bikeway from the Lake Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail (Richfield Parkway) to Penn Avenue. This will be Hennepin County’s longest protected bike lane. Additional roundabouts to be added at Lyndale and Nicollet Avenues.
2017 The eastern half of 70th St (Lyndale to Cedar) to be restriped with the City’s first buffered bike lane. This route will be particularly important for kids bicycling to school, and will provide safe, signalized crossings at Lyndale, Nicollet, and Portland.
2017 The Nine Mile Creek trail to be extended through the Southdale District and most of Edina. Although the Richfield construction was completed several years earlier, this will provide an exciting new recreational route and access to destinations for Richfield residents.
Summer 2016 Nicollet Ave restriped by Minneapolis to provide bike lanes from 40th to 61st — a block from Richfield’s border. Northbound bicyclists headed downtown will get to use a buffered bike lane from 40th St to 31st St, and southbound bicyclists will be able to use a protected bike lane from 31st to 40th.
Fall 2015 The Lake Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail opened, connecting Lake Nokomis, Taft Park and the Cedar Point area. South of 66th, the trail runs along the Old Cedar Avenue corridor, across a new bike-ped bridge over 494 and down to the 86th St bikeway in Bloomington. A future extension will provide access to cross the Minnesota River.
2015-2016 Portland Avenue reconstructed from 67th St to 77th St, completing the rework started in 2010. The new Portland Avenue features higher-quality bike lanes, more separated from traffic, as well as improved sidewalks, lighting, and a wide shared-use path on the east side. For pedestrians, there are now refuge islands every block to safely cross the street.
Fall 2014 Nicollet and Penn Aves restriped (south of 67th) to create a wide shoulder. 6 days a week, parking is prohibited on the shoulder and suitable for bicycling.
Spring 2014 Minneapolis’s Southern Bike Connector opens, connecting from 24th St & 17th Ave to 62nd St & Bloomington Ave in Richfield.┬áThis connected with Richfield’s Bloomington Avenue bikeway for a full north-south connection from 24th St to 76th St.
Fall 2013 Minneapolis restripes S Lyndale Avenue between 58th and Crosstown, creating a continuous bike connection from Richfield’s Lakes at Lyndale District to Loring Park.
Fall 2013 Richfield named a Bicycle Friendly Community
Fall 2013 Bloomington Avenue, 12th Avenue, and E 73rd St through Richfield restriped with bike lanes and sharrows.
Summer 2013 76th Street completed to Old Cedar Avenue
Fall 2012 Minneapolis and Hennepin County extend Portland Avenue bikeway to 60th Street, greatly improving bike access to downtown
Fall 2012 Richfield Bike Advocates forms
Summer 2012 Richfield adopts a limited Complete Streets Policy
Summer 2012 First segment on 75th/76th Street opens with new bike lanes, and the new Nine Mile Creek Trail
June 2012 Richfield adopts a Bicycle Master Plan
Fall 2010 Portland Avenue is converted to three lanes between 68th and 76th, providing suitable shoulders for bicycling
2008 In conjunction with the Crosstown Commons project, bike lanes installed under the Crosstown at Lyndale, marking the first on-street bike connection between Minneapolis and the first ring.