Cycling Gear and Service

For general cycling gear, we recommend the following shops in and near Richfield:

Brown’s Bicycles (independent)
2323 W 66th St (corner of Queen and 66th)

Freewheel Bike / formerly Penn Cycle (regional chain)
6824 Penn Ave S

Erik’s Bikes (regional chain)
6515 Richfield Pkwy

Angry Catfish (independent)
2900 E 42nd St

REI Co-op (national chain)
750 W American Blvd

Ask Me Why I Bike Richfield: Bike Advocates Gear

Bike Advocates wearing T-shirts
Bike Advocates wearing T-shirts

Seen the purple T-shirts around town? You can order your own and be an ambassador for bicycling in Richfield. You can pick from several colors, but we hope you’ll stick to Richfield purple, so we can see you from a distance!

Note on cost: We are aware of the high price of this T-shirt. This service allows us to print shirts one at a time, which eliminates a large overhead and cost for us as a small community group. Apologies for the cost!

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